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It’s a fact, finding friends can be a real struggle. Moving to a new city, starting a new job, lifestyle or even a new hobby can cause a riff in your social life. Pak App allows you to easily find new friends who share your interests. Join the waitlist now for our launch later this year! 

Join the waitlist for the 2023 launch!

Who we are

Pak takes the struggle out of finding new friends.

Pak App

Discover new friend groups in your area who share your interests

Pak App

Join live group chats, called Paks, at any time over any interest or hobby

Underlying Magic

Join a Pak conversation


Pak connects you with others who have similar interests, allowing you to engage in conversations immediately.

Your Paks

More Friends

Paks consist of group chats comprising multiple individuals with similar interests, enabling you to broaden your social circle while avoiding the risk of being overlooked in a large group.

Add a new Pak


Topics are searchable, allowing you to easily find and join Paks that align with your interests or hobbies.

Pak App

What makes Pak different

The majority of friend-making apps tend to prioritize one-on-one connections, which can feel uncomfortable and reminiscent of dating. Instead, our emphasis is on building relationships through group chats called Paks, which bring together several users who share common interests.

Our approach diverges from other apps that concentrate on arranging in-person meetings, as we concentrate on establishing virtual conversations with individuals who share similar interests before anything else.

We have safety and privacy measures in place so you can feel comfortable about who you’re speaking to without giving away information about yourself.